The sections of Mycena

Maas Geesteranus (1992) divided the genus into 38 sections and provided keys to each section comprising all the species of the Northern Hemisphere. Since then many new species have been discovered, and a number of new sections have been proposed. At the present web site the visitor will find new keys to the sections with all the European species.

Most sections of Mycena are not truly homogeneous. Practically always, one or more species appear to have deviating characters. Or specimens may change so much in the course of their development as to make some of their characters applicable only during a limited period. Because of the heterogeneousness of the genus a number of the sections comprises only one species.

The sections are:

  1. Sacchariferae Kühner ex Singer
  2. Cecidiophilae v.d. Berg, v. d. Berg-Blok, Noordel. & Uljé
  3. Basipedes (Fr.) Quél.
  4. Bulbosae Maas Geest.
  5. Clavulares Maas Geest.
  6. Exiguae Maas Geest.
  7. Longisetae A. H. Sm. ex Maas Geest.
  8. Testudini Redhead & Norvell
  9. Viscipelles Kühner
  10. Amictae A. H. Sm. ex Maas Geest.
  11. Supinae Konrad & Maubl.
  12. Filipedes (Fr.) Quél.
  13. Pictae (A.H. Sm.) Maas Geest.
  14. Mycena
  15. Luculentae Maas Geest.
  16. Pterigenae (Maas Geest.) Maas Geest.
  17. Carolinenses Maas Geest.
  18. Monticola Singer ex Maas Geest.
  19. Polyadelphia Singer ex Maas Geest.
  20. Seclusae Maas Geest. & Ovrebo
  21. Saetulipedes Maas Geest.
  22. Cinerellae Singer ex Maas Geest.
  23. Intermediae Kühner ex Maas Geest.
  24. Rarifoliatae Aronsen & Maas Geest.
  25. Rubromarginatae Singer ex Maas Geest.
  26. Fragilipedes (Fr.) Quél.
  27. Lactipedes (Fr.) Quél.
  28. Sanguinolentae Maas Geest.
  29. Galactopoda (Earle) Maas Geest.
  30. Crocatae Maas Geest.
  31. Hygrocyboideae (Fr.) Singer
  32. Fuliginellae (A. H. Sm. ex Singer) Maas Geest.
  33. Insignes Maas Geest.
  34. Ingratae Maas Geest.
  35. Euspeirea Maas Geest.
  36. Caespitosae (A. H. Sm. ex Singer) Maas Geest.
  37. Calamophilae Maas Geest.
  38. Calodontes (Fr. ex Berk.) Quél.
  39. Adonideae (Fr.) Quél.
  40. Rubescentes M. Villareal, Esteve-Rav., Heykoop & Maas Geest.
  41. Aciculae Kühner ex Singer
  42. Oregonenses Maas Geest.
  43. Hiemales Konrad & Maubl.
  44. Dunicolae M. Villarreal, Esteve-Rav., Barrasa & A. Ortega
  45. Exornatae Maas Geest.



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