Key to the European species of sect. Sacchariferae

Mycena sect. Sacchariferae Kühner ex Singer comprises six species in Europe: Mycena adscendens (Lasch) Maas Geest., M. alphitophora (Berk.) Sacc., M. corynephora Maas Geest., M. nucicola Huijsman, M. occulta Harmaja, and M. querciramuli Robich.

1. Stipe springing from a basal disc or with a bulbous base
  2. Stipe with basal disc (although very small)
  3. Basidia 2-spored
  4. Pileus white to grey, lamellae narrowly adnate or forming a pseudocollarium, cheilocystidia with a slender neck, clamps present: M. adscendens
  3. Basidia 4-spored
  5. Pileus white, lamellae narrowly adnate, cheilocystidia mostly with a slender neck, clamps very rare, basal disc cystidia with acanthocysts. On fruits of Corylus: M. nucicola
  5. Pileus white to greyish, lamellae narrowly adnate or attached to a pseudocollarium, cheilocystidia mostly with a slender neck, clamps abundant, basal disc lacking acanthocysts. On fruits of Corylus and fallen pericarps of Fagus: M. adscendens (4-spored form)
  5. Pileus very pale blue, soon turning white, lamellae narrowly adnate, cheilocystidia without a neck, clampless. On conifer needles: M. occulta
  2. Stipe with bulbose base. Pileus cream white with translucent centre. Lamellae adnate. Cheilocystidia clavate or subpyriform: M. querciramuli
1. Stipe without basal disc
  6. Spores pip-shaped. Caulocystidia cylindrical: M. alphitophora
  6. Spores globose. Caulocystidia mosty clavate: M. corynephora



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