Roridomyces roridus (Scop.) Rexer

= Mycena rorida (Scop.) Quél.

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Among needles and vegetable debris under both coniferous and deciduous trees. Widespread and locally common. Widely distributed in Norway.

Rexer (1994) excluded it from Mycena based on the hymeniform pileipellis and described another new European species, R. appendiculatus from Germany.

Miersch & Dänchke (2007) proposed the new species Mycena palmensis that was collected in the Canarian Island La Palma, Spain, and characterized by the almost entirely white fruitbodies and pyriform, verrucose cheilocystidia. Later, they recombined it to Roridomyces (Miersch & Dänchke 2010).

Sometimes R. roridus can be confused with Mycena vulgaris, but it is easily identified in the microscope on account of the pyriform cells in the pileipellis.


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