Mycena flagellata Cochard, Ghyselinck & P.-A. Moreau

Bull. Soc. mycol. Fr. 132(3-4): 252 (2019) [2016]

© Hervé Cochard

Gregarious in needle bed under Douglas fir. Known only from the type locality in Belgium, province de Namur.

Mycena flagellata is characterized by cheilocystidia terminated by a long and fine, tortuous, flagellum-like outgrowth. The cap is 3-4 mm wide, and it looks like species in sect. Polyadelphia. Molecular analysis on the ITS marker places M. flagellata in the vicinity of the blue-footed Mycenas (M. cyanorhiza and M. amicta).


Thanks to H. Cochard for the loan of his beautiful photo.


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