Mycena citrinovirens M. Lange

Medd. om Grønland 147: 41 (1955).

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Vestfold, Tjøme, Moutmarka 30 Nov. 2003

Scattered to gregarious among needles under Juniperus communis. Occasionally solitarily on small Juniperus twigs. Regular late autumn in Tjøme on the west side of the Oslo fjord. Rare or possibly overlooked. See The Norwegian Mycological Database.

Pileus 6-12(-21) mm across, cylindrical or more or less hemispherical when young, then conical or obtusely conical to parabolical, occasionally with a small umbo; translucent-striate, sulcate, dry, glabrous; pale yellow to greenish yellow or olivaceous with almost no yellow components, or olivaceous centre with paler, yellowish margin; drying to pale yellow all over. Lamellae 12-19 reaching the stipe, ascending, narrowly adnate, occasionally with a short decurrent tooth, becoming slightly intervenose with age; yellowish to cream coloured or pale grey to white, with the edge concolorous. Stipe 50-65 x 1-1.5 mm, straight to somewhat flexuous, often curved towards the base, firm, terete, equal, glabrous except for the pruinose apex; the apex whitish or pale grey, darker grey to brownish below, occasionally with a yellow component; the base densely covered with long, coarse, flexuous, whitish fibrils. Odour not distinct. Taste not recorded.

Basidia 30-36 x 6.5-8 µm, clavate, with clamps or with abortive clamps or clampless, 2-spored, with sterigmata 8-9 µm long. Spores 8.5-11.2 x 6.2-8.2 µm, Q 1.2-1.6, Qav ~ 1.4, smooth, broadly pip-shaped, amyloid. Cheilocystidia 15-40 x 6.5-17 µm, forming a sterile band, clavate, clamped, or with an abortive clamp or clampless, covered with unevenly spaced, fairly coarse, simple, cylindrical, straight to curved excrescences 2-8(-20) x 0.9-2 µm. Pleurocystidia absent. Lamellar trama vinescent in Melzer's reagent. Hyphae of the pileipellis ca 2.5 µm wide, clamped or clampless, densely covered with simple to furcate, cylindrical excrescences 2-4.5 x 0.9 µm, somewhat gelatinized. Hyphae of the cortical layer of the stipe 1.8-2.5 µm wide, clamped or not, covered with simple, cylindrical excrescences 1.8-6.5 x 0.9-1.3 µm.

Microphotos of cheilocystidia and hyphae of the pileipellis

Mycena citrinovirens was originally described from Greenland in 1955. It has been found regularly in two Norwegian localities since 1988 (Aronsen 1994), and recently it seems to have been collected in Denmark too. It belongs to Mycena sect. Mycena, where it seems to have a somewhat aberrant position. It can be distinguished from the other members of the section on account of the small size, the yellowish colours in the pileus, and the typical growth on Juniperus needles. In the field it may be confused with Mycena citrinomarginata Gillet, but that species can easily be distinguished because of completely different cheilocystidia.

The Norwegian collections generally are fairly small, with a pileus less than 10 mm, but one collection from 2006 had a pileus measuring up to 21 mm across.

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